Design Solutions for Startups

startup1The Engineering Company ComplexCAD has been successfully providing services for start-ups for a long time, in the HardWare field, particularly.

Based on our experience, we have formed a list of services for startups that have effectively helped dozens of young companies, as well as those who had an idea but did not have enough experience or skills to put it into practice.

Development of the design of a device for startups is one of the most important stages of production future success depends on; this is why it is necessary to entrust such work to professionals.

Industrial design of any devices

Our company is ready to develop the original industrial design of any devices. When developing a design, we focus on modern trends and technologies, uniqueness, authenticity, ergonomics, production possibilities, and of course the preferences of the Customer.

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The main stages of the industrial design development include:
  • a description of your idea;startup2
  • analysis of devices counterparts of similar purpose and design;
  • analysis of the relevance of the technical side of the product today and in the future;
  • selection of materials for a device body (selection is made depending on a device's purpose and its field of use);
  • analysis of the technological capabilities of the production site, if you already chose one. We can also find you a suitable production site or offer you our manufacturing services;
  • development of several options for device body design, coordinated with you;
  • development of the most appropriate design option, taking into account all comments and suggestions of Customer;
  • development of an industrial 3D model with a detailed study of all the structural elements and accounting manufacturing technology of a device;
  • development of design documentation package for production, development of the technological process of manufacturing, preparation of a list of purchases;
  • feasibility study of your project.

Also, our specialists use an individual approach to each client and are ready to offer the following services:


  • market research, development of a comparative table of characteristics of counterparts (if any) and the product;
  • communication with a potential consumer, determination of the target audience, focus groups testing;
  • industrial research;
  • design strategy development.
  • We develop industrial design for:
  • consumer devices;
  • industrial devices and equipment;
  • machinery;
  • gadgets, etc.

When developing an industrial design of a product, our specialists consider potential target audiences to ensure maximum comfort and user convenience. Besides, we pay particular attention to the ergonomic characteristics of the future device.

As a result of our cooperation, you will get a safe, convenient to use, well-thought-out and a beautiful, unique device, which until recently was just your idea!

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Electronic device development


Our company performs the design of electronic devices, both from scratch and ready-made counterparts.

The development of electronic devices includes the following steps:
  • product concept development;
  • hardware platform development;
  • software development;
  • industrial design and device body design development;
  • technical support at all stages of production;
  • preparation of documents for certifying.

For your device, we can develop an enclosure of any shape and size, both for electronic and other devices and equipment.

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When designing device bodies, we use a dust and water resistant design that meets the International Protection Enclosure Standards IP65 and higher.

poverh3We develop enclosures for all industries:
  • development of automotive equipment enclosures;
  • development of industrial equipment enclosures;
  • medical equipment enclosures production;
  • instrument making enclosures production;
  • metal enclosures development;
  • production of plastic enclosures for electronic devices;
  • waterproof enclosures.

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