A Full Range of Design and Engineering Services

The engineering company ComplexCAD performs a full range of design and engineering services.

We provide a full range of design services from producing a drawing to production.

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We offer the following services:

  • Design of Equipment
  • Development of Devices
  • Enclosure Design
  • Industrial Design
  • Design of Mechanisms
  • Design of Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems
  • Steel Structures Design
  • Design Solutions forStartups

Our team provides the basis for all our work. The staff of the design department comprises of 15 competent engineers with more than eight years' experience. We never outsource, and only carry out all the projects with our staff, bearing full responsibility to the Customer for the quality of our work and the time frames for projects implementation. Besides the engineering department, ComplexCAD company has a strong design and processing department.

We design, and develop design documentation under the customer’s statement of work which can also be composed with the help of our specialists for lack of one:

  • Mechanical Engineering Products.
    This field covers a lot of various activities, and the number is growing. Each of these activities has its specific features and requires customized solutions, taking into account recent trends in mechanical engineering. Our experts constantly monitor these trends and expand their range of design activities. Depending on the requirements of the project, we are ready to apply both standard and time-tested solutions, as well as innovative ones.
  • Welded Construction.
    The welding is one of the most technologically advanced methods for the production of various parts and constructions that ensures the robustness of ones. This method of production is used for most mechanical engineering products. Therefore, it is often required to develop an optimal, technological metal construction in which all the advantages of the welding process will be implemented. Our experts are ready to help you solve this problem as well.
  • Products Made of Sheet Metal.
    One of the concerns in modern production is the optimization and unification of the used construction materials with the best possibilities of its application, with a minimum of subsequent manufacturing operations, without loss of quality and operability of the manufactured product. One solution to this problem is to use sheet metal in production. With proper use of sheet material after its cutting, bending, and welding, you can get a huge number of products of a wide range of functionalities: from various decorative panels and drawers to bearing structures of critical products.
  • Modernization and Modifications.
    The execution of design work on the modernization or modification of existing products and equipment, as well as their improvement during operation.
  • Industrial Design Services.
    This is artistic and technical activities area. In addition to creating a reliable and workable design, we will help you to introduce artistic elements into it, which will be able to attract new customers and therefore increase your sales.
  • Assistance in Implementation of Ideas.
    We help startups with implementation of their ideas, providing design study with issuance of documentation for the production.
  • Improve Your Production.
    5aeb4f6651f58f9053e9d9067d4746c0_600_0_0Very often, any production is faced with the fact that its technological processes require unique equipment firmly integrated into its production infrastructure. This is due to the need to improve production efficiency by constantly developing the machinery, creating own technology, which leads to the need to create equipment that is most suitable for existing production areas and capacities. This is due to the need to improve production efficiency by improving equipment, and creating own technology, which entails creating equipment the most suitable for existing production size and capacities. Our experts will help to improve your production as soon as possible by creating equipment that fully complies with your technical requirements.
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