Full range of 3D Modeling, Visualization, and Animation services


The Engineering Company ComplexCAD performs a full range of 3D Modeling, Visualization, and Animation services.

We have over ten years of experience of both 3D models, and complex and detailed scenes.

We work in all popular 3D modeling software and give the result of the work to the Customer in any required formats.

We develop 3D models of any complexity and detailing, as well as industrial 3D models, 3D models for further visualization, art 3D models, 3D models for animation, and we also provide industrial design services.

According to the further application of the required 3D model, if the Customer did not specify the required format, our specialists will work out the best one.

The 3D models we have developed can be applied to:

  • b5c521c8b488d44443e756d784f9eb98_600_0_0 production (computer numerical control machines and laser cutting)
  • 3D printing
  • 3D photorealistic visualization for advertising purposes
  • creating videos and animations
  • graphic illustration of future objects
  • developing industrial design and identifying the best ergonomic parameters
  • engineering (cae analysis) or other areas' calculations.


The following are the basic steps of 3D modeling and visualization:

  • 3D modeling is the process of developing a mathematical representation of an object in three dimensions;
  • texturing is the application of raster and procedural textures to model surfaces including setting the properties of materials - roughness, transparency, reflections, and others;
  • lighting, setting light sources;
  • animation , assigning motion properties to objects;
  • rendering or visualization, projection of the selected physical model;
  • digital compositing is the process of digitally assembling multiple images to make a final image.
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