Engineering Analysis (CAE) Work Package

2_2 The engineering company ComplexCAD performs a full range of design and engineering services.

Engineering analysis is a description of physical processes occurring in real-world systems, by converting them into virtual equivalents. The most comprehensive possibilities for this purpose can be found in software abbreviated as CAE (Computer-aided engineering).

The general algorithm for the engineering analysis includes:
  1. Stage of preparation of the computational domain;
  2. Description of external and internal properties and processes, including disturbances and constraints, in the system under consideration;
  3. Stage of interpretation of results.

It should be noted that CAE is only a tool, but a tool that incorporates the most progressive and adequate approaches for describing objects of the physical world.

The team of specialists of the Engineering company ComplexCAD has competencies in the engineering analysis in the fields of mechanics of deformable solids, fluid dynamics and heat-mass-exchange, optimization of systems of various physical nature. The training of our specialists took place in real conditions of solving problems of an applied nature in the fields of crane construction, lift engineering, locomotive building, quarry equipment, earth-moving machinery, etc.

Analytical methods are accurate, and in this case, engineering analysis is the application of specific formulas to the object in question. However, the field of application of analytical methods is limited and does not allow to solve many real-world problems, as a result of which the vast majority of them will be solved using numerical approximation methods implemented by CAE software.

Stages of Engineering Analysis

The stages of the engineering analysis are highlighted above; we consider them in more detail.

Engineering analysis

Stage of Preparation of the Computational Domain

The stage of preparation of the computational domain includes the preparation of a geometric domain containing one or several media (solid, liquid, or gaseous) arranged in the required manner. The level of detail and the way of representing geometry (solid, shell, beam) is determined by the goals that must be achieved by engineering analysis. Geometry preparation in the vast majority of cases is carried out using CAD programs.

After transmitting the geometry to the CAE preprocessor of the program, it is required to perform replacement of the geometric domain with certain elements that have a mathematical description within themselves. These methods, depending on the elements used, can be called: finite elements method (FEM), boundary elements method (BEM), final volumes method (FVM). Recently, meshfree methods have been actively developed.

Description of external and internal properties and processes, including disturbances and constraints, in the system under consideration

The description of internal and external processes consists of:

  • setting the properties of the physical medium involved in the analysis and sufficient for its mathematical description;
  • interfaces that determine the specificity of the interaction;
  • disturbances and constraints, boundary conditions imposed by the external environment on the system.
Stage of the mathematical model implementation

The implementation of a mathematical model is the process of performing formula and matrix computations by a computational station and obtaining a system response to external influences, taking into account internal linkage.

Stage of interpretation of results

Renault R28 Interpretation of the results is enjoyable and at the same time a very important stage. On the one hand, you have reached the result, which is often presented as beautiful pictures and videos. On the other hand, behind a beautiful cover you can overlook the unphysical result, transmit it further and get a non-viable object at the output. Therefore, the most important aspect of performing engineering analysis is understanding the physics of the system under consideration, and the CAE software should be considered only as a tool, albeit formed by hundreds of thousands of man-hours of work by high-class specialists.

The ComplexCAD engineering company team is a team of specialists educated in many areas with basic knowledge and practical skills for the use of modern CAE programs. The team of professionals who are always responsible and accountable for the results.

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