ComplexCAD Engineering Company


The engineering company ComplexCAD specializes in providing a full cycle of engineering services in the field of machine-building design. We carry out design work, electrical engineering design, engineering calculations, 3D modeling, industrial design services in all sectors of industry.

We are a great team of competent professionals who are seeking to make the world a better place. People are our Priority, and while implementing joint projects, we act as partners, delving into your problems and making them ours. Our professional skills, which are the result of 15 years of engineering activity, as well as paying attention to the needs of others, help us in this.

We acquired our professional skills while solving various tasks of all sectors of the economy: locomotive engineering, crane building, elevator engineering, underground and quarry equipment, etc. Successfully solved tasks covered systems of various physical nature: mechanical, thermal, hydrogasdynamic, electromagnetic, in respect of which computational and experimental studies of a design, verification and optimization nature were carried out. As a result, experience was gained in solving problems that affect almost all stages of the product life cycle: design, technological preparation, production, testing, operation.

We are a Productive and Scalable team of multi-skilled and versatile specialists that adapt to the needs of the customer. A team that wants to be better, and turn your problems into your strengths.

You can entrust us with your work.

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